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Although unfortunate, sometimes tree removal is a wise decision. This is not a job for yourself; sometimes professional guide ropes, and mechanical equipment may be required to remove some of the limbs. It’s wise to choose professionals who have the equipment to work safely and it is very wise to make sure that the company is fully committed, licensed, and insured.

We can safely remove any size, location, or condition. Economy Wise Tree Service has the experience and equipment that is necessary even in the most difficult and dangerous tree removal situation and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. A copy of the contractor’s license and proof of insurance is available upon request.

Trees are living under constant stress. Dead, dying, and diseased trees with severe structural defects will fail at some point because the trees are living things and sooner or later will fall or be cut. Wisely pay particular attention to older trees that may have multiple faults and extensive decay. Without proper care, trees can be dangerous for people and property: the roots invading sewer lines, concrete sidewalks and patios, could damage the concrete foundation of your home. The branches may fall and hurt your children, pets, or on the roof of your house. Branches can also grow in power and telephone lines. Some tree species are prone to certain types of errors. For example, some species of ash and maple are often weak branch unions, and aspen is prone to fracture at a young age (50-70 years) due to a number of factors, including rot and canker.

Tree removal is a wise decision favorable in relation to the value of your home, pets and family. Removal is a wise decision when a tree …

  • Dead, dying, or considered dangerous or near a structure or building.
  • When there are signs of degradation, stress and natural pruning of branches.
  • Has roots, visible or invisible, which are invasive and cause damage to the house foundation, walkways, or walls.
  • Presents a dangerous situation for pedestrians and children playing below.
  • Causing obstruction or damage resulting overcrowding other trees and the situation is impossible to correct through pruning
  • Being replaced by a more suitable location.
  • When it should be removed in order to build

How to tell if a tree is ready to be removed:

  • Dead, dying or storm damaged trees must be removed for the health, safety and aesthetic purposes.
  • In some cases, live trees should also be removed when they interfere with other trees, buildings, driveways and power lines.
  • Trees that require a high drop-crotch trimming
  • The trees at homes, schools, parks, shops or other areas where children can easily climb that are near overhead conductors.
  • Trees that grow too close to a house (six foot), fence, patio or sidewalk

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